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Elevate your Flooring with Arte Mundi.

Arte Mundi crafts the finest flooring products that brings your hardwood flooring vision to life. Whether contemporary, traditional, or simply refined, each collection provides a unique ambiance that expresses your exquisite taste, and luxe lifestyle. Click on a collection below to view our product samples, descriptions, specs, and information to help you determine your luxury flooring needs.

The Bauhaus Collection

The Nouveau Collection

The Renaissance Collection


Coming soon from our factory to your store or home.

Arte Mundi has been hard at work prototyping new flooring concepts and partnering with world-renown companies to create new, innovating products. Here is a inside look upcoming products that will make their way from Arte Mundi into your showroom or home.



The Bauhaus Collection

Beautifully refined, modern day, high-end flooring crafted from the finest, most durable materials. Click on a flooring tile to learn product, specs, and information.




The Nouveau Collection

Inspired by 18th Century Greek and Roman décor. Lush with antique artistry. Perfect for living rooms, patio areas, kitchens, and family rooms. Click on a flooring tile to view product specs and information.




The Renaissance Collection

Comfortably extravagant. Often utilized to highlight grand entrances, foyers, and rooms with large horizontal and vertical spaces. Please click on a flooring tile to view product, specs and information. 


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