Available In: White Oak  |  Construction: Engineered  | Thickness: 5/8”  |  Width: 7.5”  |  Top Layer: 4mm  |  Gloss: Matte  |  Surface: Wire brushed, heavy hand scraped, natural cracks, saw marked and mineral streaks  |  Bevel: Micro bevel with chiseled edge  |  Length: 80% over 6ft long and 20% random length  |  Quantity Per Box: 22.82 sq. ft  |  Finish: 9 coats finishing with UV coating and UltraTough abrasive resistant coating

The Renaissance Collection is built with the guarantee of durability, and timeless aesthetic.  From source woods to the finest floor finishes, this uncompromising collection displays a remarkable rustic appeal, and superior quality.  The classic birch, and high-quality white oak creates a tranquil, country-like atmosphere, with hard wood flooring conducive for rural living.  Luxuriates grand entrances, foyers, and rooms with large horizontal and vertical spaces.  The ambiance of comfort, and extravagance of high-end, hard wood flooring.   To request samples of our flooring, click here. To view warranty info, click here.

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