High End Luxury Wood Flooring

There’s no denying that luxury has a certain look and feel that sets it apart. When it comes to flooring, there are certain characteristics that make it a higher end product as compared to products that are lower in cost and quality. Here are some things you can look forward to when you invest in luxury flooring. 

The Look

Luxury flooring can really elevate the look of your home. When you invest in luxury, you can expect a wider selection including various colors, plank sizes and surface textures. Colors can include rich reds, browns, greys and whites. Plank sizes can be up to 13” wide and 14’ in length for a more seamless look. Surfaces can be hand scraped to result in any number of distressed looks that are perfect for hiding damage and taking a shabby chic look to the next level.

The Durability

Engineered floors feature layers. In general, the more layers, the more durable the flooring. However, some luxury brands will feature fewer, thicker layers. A thick top layer may even allow for refinishing, an option that is rare in engineered flooring. High quality layers will last longer and stand up better to warping, cupping, swelling and shrinking. 


Many of us wish to get on board with being environmentally friendly when it comes to interior design. Luxury brands tend to incorporate higher-end materials that are organic and kind to the environment. These products are generally chemical free so they reduce the number of pollutants in the air to make air quality healthier inside and out. 


If you are buying luxury flooring from a company that specializes in a higher end product, you may also get a higher level of surface. Salespeople may be available to give you interior design recommendations and may also provide tips and services for the continued care of your flooring.


Of course, luxury flooring will be more expensive, but this is an investment that can pay off in time as these floors will hold up longer. And when it comes to getting a look that you love for your home that makes you happy every time you enter your rooms, the feeling is priceless!

If you are updating your home’s aesthetic or moving to a new location, why not do so with luxury? High end flooring is worth the money to give you the durability you need over the years as well as the look you love.