What You Need to Know About Refinishing Your Hardwood Flooring


If your floors are showing signs of wear, you might be considering replacing them. However, this can be expensive and beyond many homeowner’s budget. A less expensive option is to refinish them. If you are thinking of refinishing your floors, here some things you should know.


How often can floors be refinished?

If your floor is made of a durable wood, you will be able to refinish it 10-12 times. After this, flooring will begin to get thin and may not be able to stand up to another refinishing.

Can any flooring be refinished?

No. Flooring that is widening between the floor planks to the point where you can see the nails that hold the flooring down will not hold up to refinishing.

Also, your flooring must be thick enough to make it through the refinishing process. Some newer floors are only ¼ thick with a laminate coating on top. If you try to sand or refinish these floors, they can wear the entire floor away.

Note, some flooring will be easier to refinish than others. Pine and oak are fairly easy to work with while maple, mahogany and walnut will take more time.

When Should Refinishing Be Done?

Avoid refinishing during rainy periods when humidity is high. Wood is porous and when the old finish is stripped away, it will absorb moisture and become difficult to dry.

Also, keep in mind that the room where the flooring is being refinished will be unusable until the project is done, and the wood is dry. Be sure to plan your refinishing for a time when it will be okay to stay out of this room.

If you have any other construction or remodeling work going on, save the refinishing for last.

How Can I Get the Most Out of My Refinished Floors?

Using polyurethane or varnish can help to give your floors a nice, dark, glossy look. The use of a penetrating sealer can result in a natural looking finish that brings out the wood grain. The grain is what separates hardwood floors from all other flooring giving it that great authentic characteristic.


Should I Refinish My Floors Myself?

Refinishing is a huge task that should only be left to the most experienced, hardcore DIYers. It takes a lot of hard work and physical labor and if you make one wrong move, you can ruin your flooring. Keeping that in mind, you may be better off hiring a professional for your refinishing job.

Refinishing your floors can be a great way to improve their appearance without the expense of a full replacement. Determine if your flooring is a good candidate for refinishing. Then consider your options as to whether this is a task you want to take on yourself or whether you are better off hiring a contractor. Either way, you can look forward to great looking flooring without the expense of replacement.

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