Top 4 Reasons to Replace Carpet with Hardwood Floors


Homeowners are transitioning from carpet to hardwood floors in droves and there are many reasons to explain the reason for this. Carpet is an affordable solution that provides you with some comforts at home, but it also comes with many pitfalls that come to light after a short period of time.  

At the end of the day, only you can decide what's the perfect solution for your home. However, let us be the ones to give you a few reasons to advocate for replacing your carpet with Arte Mundi hardwood flooring!

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Reason #1: Carpets Get Worn Down

If you have carpet at home, I can walk into your home and immediately tell which areas of the carpet get the most foot traffic. It's simple, carpet gets worn down over time and loses its soft bounce and body. These traffic patterns are inevitable with years of feet constantly pushing down on these carpet fibers and carpet pads. No matter how often you vacuum or deep clean the carpet, after a period of time your only solution is to replace it to get that fresh new bounce again.

On the other hand, hardwood floors are intended to last and stand the test of time. It's not uncommon for hardwood floors to last over a decade's time before even any sort of maintenance or upkeep is required. Our hardwood floors at Arte Mundi are specifically engineered and designed to maximize user comfort so when you're lounging around at home, you're really feeling at home.

Reason #2: Carpets Get Dirty

What's worse than a worn down carpet? A worn down carpet with stains. Spills and messes don't fair very well with carpet and we've all struggled with going to the moon and back just to try to remove a stain on our carpets. Some of us may have even had to call a professional cleaner to get a stain out or get it professionally cleaned from time to time to keep the carpet as close to its original color as possible.

Now on hardwood, it's much more simple and easy. Spill something? Clean it up and in a few minutes that mess didn't even exist. All that's needed is regular weekly (hopefully) dusting, mopping, etc. Whatever is included in your standard cleaning routine, you'll have consistent beautiful and clean floors. No stains, no smells, no problems!


Reason #3: Hardwood is Beautiful

Let's all admit the truth here, hardwood floors have never lacked in beauty. Between carpet and hardwood, it's pretty much a consensus when determining which option is prettier. There's a reason why all these beautiful Pinterest inspiration home decor boards are filled with gorgeous hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are what we all want to aspire to!

Hardwood floors are always in high demand, so that means if you're looking to sell your home in the future, having hardwood floors compared to carpet floors will make a big difference in the presentation of your home and make it a much more attractive sell. Hardwood floors might cost a bit more initially than carpet, but over time, it will prove to be a more worthwhile investment.


Reason #4: Carpet = Allergies

Unless you're vacuuming and deep cleaning on a daily basis, carpets are a magnet for allergens, pet dander, dust mites, and some other unpleasant things. This is bad for your immune system and terrible for people suffering from allergies with any of these things. What often happens is these allergens get trapped in carpet, make it all the way down to the bottom, find a comfortable spot to get settled, and never leave! 

With hardwood, all you need to do is consistent dust, mop, and clean on a regular basis and you'll be free of any allergens that get settled on your hardwood floor. Hardwood floors keep the cleanliness of your home very transparent as well. If your home is getting a little too dusty, you can see it on your feet. With carpet, the carpet fibers really hide and mask how clean or dirty your home truly is.

There you have it folks, the top 4 reasons to replace carpet with hardwood floors. Still not convinced? View our product collection in the link below and request for a free sample of your favorite floor!

View our product collection here. 

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