Top Reasons to Change Your Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors are known to be long lasting with some types of wood lasting up to 100 years. However, there are times when hardwood floor should be replaced, whether it is by choice or due to necessity. Here are some reasons you might want to change out your hardwood floors.

  1. It’s Been Refinished Too Many Times:

Refinishing your floor is a great way to maintain its appearance. It involves sanding the surface down to hide imperfections. However, this process can make your flooring thin down so it exposes nails and causes other problems.

Refinishing shouldn’t be done more than 3-5 times in your floor’s lifetime. If you’ve already refinished your floor a few times, and it is starting to show signs that it is wearing down, it might be time for new flooring.

2. Water Damage:

Moisture and water can seep into a floor causing it to buckle and peel. This is one of the most common reasons why a replacement might be necessary. If water damage is causing your floors to gap, you might want to start thinking about your options for new flooring.


3. Need a New Look:

Trends in home décor come and go. Although wood flooring provides a pretty classic look, those who want to achieve the latest interior design fashions might notice that wider planks are becoming trendy. If you have flooring with 2 1/4 “ strips you might want to change it out for flooring featuring planks that are four or five inches wide to keep up with the Joneses.

If you want to make you room appear larger, you might decide it’s time to switch to diagonal flooring. This will work in creating the illusion of more interior space.

Some may simply be tired of their look and decide it’s time for a change making new flooring necessary.

4. Want to Update the Material:

While plank size can make all the difference in giving your home a new look, the material of your flooring should also be a consideration. Oak planks are a common flooring material in the United States, but there are other, more exotic options to consider. Bamboo, maple and Brazilian cherry can offer your interior design a more unique and modern look.


5. Your Flooring is Old:

As previously stated, wood flooring lasts a long time. Some woods can last 30 years while others can last up to 100. Be that as it may, there will come a day when your flooring has reached its shelf life. Signs of age can include decay and rot. Floors can also start to become soft and bouncy and begin to sag. If this is the case, you should replace your flooring as soon as possible.

Hard wood flooring is definitely a long lasting flooring solution. But wear and tear, damage and aging, as well as the desire for a new look can all mean it’s time for a replacement. Pay attention to the look of your flooring and decide if new flooring is needed in your home. Good luck giving your interior design the updates it needs.