Top 5 Hardwood Floor Trends of 2018


Each year, home design trends slightly shift and change. This year, there are a few trends that have really begun to stand out. Is there a significant shift from the previous year? No. However, we do see a much bigger focus on attention to detail and consumers are beginning to notice and appreciate it.


Let's check out the top hardwood floor trends of this year!

1. Dark Woods Aren't Just Classic, They're Trending!

The dynasty of dark hardwood flooring has reigned strong and this year isn't any different. There aren't any other classics like a rich and deep hardwood floor. Dark hardwood floors are really accentuated when paired with light colored furniture, shelves, or cabinets. This heavy contrast creates a sense of luxury and makes the hardwood really stand out in a room.

One big concern with a dark hardwood floor is that it can make an interior space appear smaller than it actually is. So if you're working within a fairly confined room, perhaps think twice. If you've got a huge open space to work with, then you have nothing to worry about!



This one might sound like we're pulling your leg, but lighter hardwood floors are also continuing to put their stamp in people's homes. Light hardwood floors are extremely versatile from a practical, aesthetic, and functional perspective. Here are some details  to highlight it: 

  • Light hardwood floors pair well with both light furnishings and decorations as well as dark.
  • If you choose to design with light colored furniture and decor, light hardwood floors will brighten your indoor space.
  • Light floors make the exact opposite impact of dark floors. If you have a small confined space, go with a light floor to make it look bigger.


We said this is the year of attention to detail and this trend perfectly embodies that trend. Hardwood floors with a wire brushed or scraped texture really make a statement. The scraping and brushing is a manual process done by hand and is really a work of art when it's done well. For homeowners that crave that extra detail to set their home apart, this is it right here. Hand scraped wood floors simply look expensive, and people love expensive.

If not executed well, the textures may not feel completely comfortable to the touch and optimal for family living. Arte Mundi textured floors are designed and engineered for maximum comfort to the touch. In fact, many of our products include a combination of both hand scraping and wire brush for a truly exceptional texture.


What's more 2018 than gray hardwood floors? Gray tones have emphatically made a resurgence and it's no coincidence. Versatility is the name of the game this year and homeowners have openly welcomed this neutral color. Aside from how beautiful it is, gray hardwood floors are a practical choice because it goes well with almost every color palette.

gray hardwood floor.jpg


5. Matte Finish FLOORS

A few paragraphs above, we highlighted wire brushing and scraped hardwood floors. For the homeowners that aren't looking for the icing on top and are more practical in nature, matte finish floors remain as an ideal choice. Matte finish hardwood floors are ideal because they're extremely comfortable to walk on, but the production process results in a very consistent surface that covers up wood imperfections as well as light glares on a sunny day (as opposed to glossy hardwood floors where this is a big problem).

Matte finish hardwood floors also looking extremely modern, polished, and the color will stay more consistent over time (as opposed to glossy hardwood floors that begin to color and slightly yellow over the years due to the clear glossy coat).

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