The International Surface Event 2019


Our team just returned from The International Surface Event held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas this past week and the buzz around Arte Mundi was electric! Our big selling point for 2019? We’re making plans to move our manufacturing to California!

Being that this was our second consecutive year at TISE, we needed to showcase Arte Mundi in an even bigger booth setup as last year. Traveling, transporting, and setting up our custom booth took almost an entire week to execute, but the turnout was well worth the effort.

Here at Arte Mundi, we simply don’t cut corners and it shows in our finished products. Many local and international competitors and other hardwood manufacturers were present at the convention, but it was very clear that we are the pioneers in bringing the element of art into our floors. Our custom designed parquet floors and Swarovski installs were immediate attention grabbers for any attendees passing by and our team was more than ready to share our collections and product lines with industry peers.

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