The Best Flooring For You And Your Dog



There is no doubt that our furry little friends have become a bigger part of our lives in the past few years. They have certainly made an impact on choosing a pet-friendly home to choosing the right type of flooring that will be able to take the toll of the pitter-patter.

The first thing that comes to mind when choosing flooring for your pet-friendly home is hard flooring. And the first option we will go with is going to be stone, tile, and concrete. Although these types of flooring are quite durable, they become uncomfortable for your pet come winter time. 

Next, we have laminate flooring. With this choice comes easy cleanup and little maintenance, but there is a downside. The problem with laminate flooring is that its slippery sleekness provides an issue for your pet. It is common for dogs to get a burst of energy every now and again. Coming home from work and expecting a heartfelt welcome from your furry friend may cause a harmful skidding across the room in which Sparky ends up hurt.

Hardwood floors may be the perfect match for you and your pet. Along with hardwood floors being a beautiful and classic look they can provide the right texture and feel for you and your pet. But not all hardwood floors can withstand the test of your pets. The quality you choose to install in your home can determine the length and maintenance that your floor will provide. It's important to stay away from soft woods as they can dent and warp easily. Some great options would be hand-scraped and distressed wood. The on-trend rustic theme comes with perfect timing for you to be less worried about any scratch marks to your floor.

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