Take Your Design Ideas Up a Notch to Make Your Wood Floors Look Great


What goes with wood flooring? Maybe a better question would be, what doesn’t go with wood flooring?? Offering a clean finish and working as a versatile neutral, wood flooring can go with just about any style, décor and color scheme. However, there are a number of decorating ideas that will show your flooring to its greatest advantage. Here are some suggestions.

Keep it Uniform Throughout:

Wood flooring will look great when offering a congruent flow between rooms. Make the most of your wood flooring by installing it in all rooms of your house. Avoid seams between spaces by installing planks that flow naturally from room to room without awkward dividers. This will also make cleaning easier.



Add Area Rugs:

While the look of uniform wood flooring may be appealing to some, area rugs can add comfort and the perfect aesthetic to any room. They will serve as a soft, warm cushion for bare feet, help to define living spaces and protect your flooring.

Make the Right Style Choices:

Wooden flooring tends to work well in more traditional settings but can also make for a great contrast when paired with modern elements. Avoid frilliness and opt for clean lines, streamlined hardware and stainless steel appliances.

BSWO-22 | Gris Chaud | White Oak


Let There Be Light:

Wood floors can give your home a dark, heavy look. Counter this by making lighter choices when it comes to furniture, area rugs and paints. Be sure to allow as much natural light into rooms as possible.

Avoid the Matchy Matchy:

If you are adding other woods to your décor, avoid adding woods that are an exact match to your flooring. Although this might seem like a good idea, mixing woods will look a lot more interesting. Think of blending rough with rustic, mixing stains and grains and adding raw wood accents where they may not have been before.



Mix Textures:

A wooden floor may appear dark and weighty, but that doesn’t mean that you have to carry that theme throughout your décor. Add some softness with a sheepskin or lambswool area rug and light airy curtains. Glass and metallic light fixtures will also help to give a more layered and cozier look to your rooms.

Add Color:

Wood floors work great as a neutral so why not take advantage of this by adding vibrant colors? In a kitchen, brightly painted bar stools and a colorful island will make for a cheerful, modern look. It will also detract from any damage that may be visible on your floor.


A wooden floor will look great in any room, but you can take it to the next level with these great design tips. What will you be doing to elevate the look of your wooden floor décor?