Introduction To Hand Scraped & Wire Brushed Hardwood Floors


When people think of hardwood floors, the color of the hardwood is likely the first characteristic that comes to mind. However, we're here to tell you the equally important characteristic isn't just the color, but also the texture. It's one thing to admire how gorgeous your hardwood floor is, but we need to consider that texture plays a big part in how the hardwood will feel upon touch, especially if you're sitting and walking on it on a daily basis.

What's extremely popular right now is for companies to add texture to smooth floors to give it a rustic and earthy feel that so many homeowners are craving. There are many different types of textures that can be applied, however there are two that stand out for a number of reasons you'll read below:

arte mundi wire brush hand scrape hardwood floor.jpg

1. Hand Scraped Wood Floors

Hand scraping allows for each plank to truly be unique and one of a kind. This texture isn't manufactured or done by a machine. Just like the name implies, each board is scraped by hand. Long, ingrained scrapes show in the finish, leaving the floor looking finished, classic and rare. Hand scraped wood floors simply look expensive, and people love expensive.

2. Wire Brushed Wood Floors

There are a lot of similarities between wire brushed wood floors and hand scraped wood floors. Although they are sometimes mistaken with one another, wire brushing will give wood floors a more aged and distressed look. What could often be described as "intentional scratches," this style can help to mask new scratches that may be made by pets, children, or even adults!

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arte mundi hardwood flooring wire brush.jpg


Now why would anyone pay premium money to have someone intentionally "damage" a perfectly smooth and nice hardwood floor? Because simple put, it makes it so gorgeous and beautiful. When you upgrade your floors, you're looking at it, walking on it, and feeling it on a daily basis, so why not go the extra mile to make it worthwhile? When you're shopping for these textured floors, make sure you're able to touch and feel the planks in person. If not executed well, the textures may not feel completely comfortable to the touch and optimal for family living. Arte Mundi textured floors are designed and engineered for maximum comfort to the touch. In fact, many of our products include a combination of both hand scraping and wire brush for a truly exceptional texture.

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Some say this is a trend that won't stand the test of time. As long as rustic, textured, and expensive are in trend, hand scraped and wire brushed wood floors will remain relevant.

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