How to Keep Your Engineered Hardwood Floors Looking Their Best


When you have hardwood flooring, you want to keep it looking its best as the years can strain even the best quality of floors. Despite this, there are a number of things you can do to keep your hardwood floors looking great. Here are some useful tips that will help your floors to look shiny and new, even after years of wear and tear!


Clean Your Floors

The best thing you can do to keep your floors looking great is to clean them consistently. Microfiber mops are recommended as they are soft and trap dirt, pet hair and other household allergens with static electricity. You can follow up by vacuuming with a soft bristled attachment and damp mopping once a month with a hardwood floor cleaner.

Polish Your Floors

Most hardwood floors have a polyurethane surface finish which protects them and provides a glossy shine. Normal wear and tear can leave scratches and make the surface dull. Polishing every 2-3 months with a buffing pad can restore shine and buff away scratches. Be sure to check manufacturer’s recommendations for polishing products and follow instructions precisely. However, please note to never use wax on any flooring with a glossy finish.


Protect from the Sun

Direct sunlight can discolor hardwood and utilizing window coverings like curtains and blinds block UV rays to protect the wood from heat. Rearranging furniture regularly can also help wood to age evenly as well.

Refinish Your Floors

Floors that have a polyurethane surface finish will need a maintenance coat applied every few years. If regular cleanings are no longer restoring shine, it may be time to refinish them. Typically, refinishing will require the help of a professional so you may want to look into your local business guides in order to hire the right people for the job.


If your floors have a lot of visible damage, they may need to be sanded and refinished. Be sure to check with an expert as sanding is not possible with every floor type, especially if the flooring has already been sanded once.


Preventing Floor Damage

There are several things you can do to prevent permanent floor damage from occurring. These include the following:

  • Clean up spills immediately to prevent permanent stains.

  • Put down protective rugs and mats to reduce the amount of dirt and debris that gets on your floors. These can include welcome mats that can be placed outside the doors or area rugs that can be placed on the floors themselves.

  • Protect floors from furniture damage. Place stick on felt protectors on the bottom of furniture legs and replace them often. Avoid dragging furniture across your hardwood floor.

  • Avoid walking in high heels across flooring as they can immediately leave dents. Overall, implementing a no-shoes policy in general can be even more helpful.

  • Keep pet nails trimmed as they can damage flooring as well.

Hardwood flooring is an asset to any home. Keep yours looking its best by regularly cleaning and polishing, avoiding permanent damage from sunlight and refinishing when necessary. By doing so, you can certainly look forward to flooring that will look terrific in your home for years to come.