Highlighting Your Hardwood Floors to Take Your Interior Design to the Next Level


Hardwood floors are an attractive feature that work well in just about any room. They make a great base for various styles of design and can elevate the look of your home. However, if you would like to turn your interior design up a notch, you can use highlighting techniques to make your flooring the shining star of your home. With that in mind, here are some ideas that will help your hardwood flooring stand out even more.

Angle the Boards Differently

Another way to break up the feel in your home as you go from room to room is to angle the boards differently. This will work especially well in houses with an open floor plan as it will give more of a break between the rooms. It is also very aesthetically pleasing as it adds character to your home.

Stain Floor Borders

To make your flooring really pop, here is a trick you can use. Try bordering the hardwood floors in your home with wood that is stained a slightly darker or lighter pigment. This will be especially effective if you use pigment rich colors for the floor itself and the border wood.


Use Area Rugs

We might think of an area rug as something that hides our hardwood flooring, but the right area rug can serve to highlight it and really bring your room together. Of course, we will want to stick to area rugs that don’t completely cover your floor but rather accent certain areas or living spaces. Rugs should feature colors that complement the tone of your floor as well as your furnishings to give your rooms a cohesive look.

Consider Your Colors

With the type of flooring you choose, consider the colors that you end up dressing up your walls with or of the furniture that you choose to place. For instance, the best colors that tend to go with lighter floors are off-white, gray and light, neutral colors. On the other hand, warm colors go well with darker floors in addition to “muted” cooler colors (ie blue or green) which contain hints of gray. In addition, gray and neutral colors also blend in fine with dark flooring, similar to lighter floors.


Go green

Literally-add some green. Since hardwood floors are, well, wood, why not try adding some potted plants to your area? Doing so will brighten your space, make it look more natural, as well as provide you with health benefits since certain plants can clear toxins from the air, lower air temperatures, reduce dust, and more.

Hardwood flooring is a great feature for any room and we would hope that you all find these tips for highlighting your floors useful for whatever interior style you are striving for! Which of these techniques will you be using to make your flooring pop?

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