Engineered Wood's Variety in Colors and Textures


Engineered wood flooring is becoming a more popular choice in home décor, with many homeowners choosing it over regular hardwood. There are many reasons it is becoming a preferred option including the fact that it tends to be easier to install and has a higher moisture resistance than hardwood. It can also work in a variety of locations within the home. Another reason engineered flooring is becoming so popular is because it is being offered in a greater variety of finishes, giving homeowners more choices when it comes to the look they want to create for their homes. If you are thinking of installing engineered flooring in your home, here are just some of the options we recommend that you can choose from:

Renaissance Collection : RSHI-06 | WHISKEY BROWN | HICKORY

Renaissance Collection: RSHI-06 | WHISKEY BROWN | HICKORY

Hand-scraped Hickory

The dark tone of this wood is perfect for giving homes a great rustic look. Its hand-scraped appearance also makes it ideal for making damage less noticeable

Traditional Oak

This type of engineered flooring can give homes a warm, traditional look.  White or red oak are your two basic choices and while most homeowners find this option unaffordable in hardwood, engineered flooring makes traditional oak a more economic choice. 

Wide Plank

Flooring with planks that are wider than 3 inches are considered wide plank. They are great for giving homes a historic look and many have intricate grain patterns and dark knots that can enhance the style even more. 

Noveau Collection: NVMA-25 | DRIFT BRANCH | MAPLE

Noveau Collection: NVMA-25 | DRIFT BRANCH | MAPLE

Natural Maple

: This type of engineered wood is perfect for those who want to create a lighter look in their rooms. It works well in children’s nurseries and dining rooms. Its light color allows the flooring to show the unique texture of each board giving it a terrific, natural appeal.


Engineered flooring is available in a variety of stains assuring you can always get a great color tone for your wood floors. Dark pewter, deep red oaks or uplifting golden tones are just some of the varieties you can choose from.

Tobacco Road Acacia

A more unusual choice, this wood flooring type features a remarkable variation in color and grain that can give any room a unique look. The different textures are also great for hiding damage.

Overall, engineered wood is a preferred choice because of its durability and easy installation. The fact that it is becoming available in a wider range of colors and patterns is making it an irresistible option for homeowners. And with our growing engineered wood variety in-house, Arte Mundi is sure to be an immediate choice for your luxury wood flooring. What type of engineered wood flooring will you be putting in your home? 

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