Engineered Overtakes Hardwood as Number One in Flooring


Exciting news has come to the world of interior design as hardwood flooring has been overtaken as the number one choice in American flooring and now, engineered wood flooring holds the prestigious crown. Houzz, one of the leading websites and online communities for architecture and interior design, surveyed more than 1300 U.S. homeowners who were in the midst of or had recently completed a kitchen remodel.  The survey accounted for what trends were hot and which were sizzling out. Results showed one surprising trend: that hardwood flooring is no longer the most popular choice and engineered floors are taking over.

The Envelope Please…

Results of the report displayed that of the 69% of homeowners who were re-doing their floors as a part of a remodel, only 24% went with natural hardwood while 40% went for some sort of engineered flooring with engineered wood accounting for 17%. Other choices included vinyl (12%) and laminate (11%). In past years, regular hardwood floor has been on the decline, but it has now officially been dethroned. 

Why Engineered Wood is Winning Out

There may be several factors that account for why engineered wood flooring, is becoming a more popular option. For one, man-made options have improved becoming more attractive and durable. They are easier to install since you can usually skip the plywood sub-flooring. They also stand up better to heat because engineered wood planks don’t expand and contract as much as solid hardwood planks do.  The trend of manufactured materials surpassing natural ones has also been developing for some time. Last year, the study revealed another upset when engineered quartz replaced granite when it came to kitchen countertops. Now kitchen flooring is following a similar trend.  All this likely owes to the fact that engineered materials are improving to become a more practical choice for most homeowners. Experts are predicting that next year laminate and MDF cabinets could overcome natural wood as well. 

Trends constantly come and go, but the engineered trend seems to be here to stay for a while (or at least we are hoping that it does)! When it comes to flooring, it is a practical and popular option that only seems to be improving as time goes on. We hope that Arte Mundi Flooring will be the next option for your luxury wood flooring, whatever the project might be!

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