Dark Hardwood Floor: Does it Make Your Room Seem Smaller?



People often stir away from dark wood flooring with the thought that it might make a room feel smaller. Dark colors absorb light rather than reflect it much like lighter colors do. There is more to making a room feel open and spacious than your flooring.

When choosing dark wood flooring, it's important to think of the contrasting colors. The paint you choose for your walls, or the color of your rug affect the way your room is represented. At times it's helpful to think of your floor to be a canvas, and everything else added to it makes the painting. 

3 Tips On Making Your Room With Dark Hardwood Flooring Look Bigger

Lighter wall colors are a great way to show some contrast in your room. Some recommendations are light blues and grey tones, but sticking to the lighter side of the spectrum. Going too dark on a color may cause the opposite effect that your looking for in your contrast and may actually make your room look smaller. 

Area rugs are a great way to show some decor in your space. And we are sticking with the light color theme. It's important to choose an area rug that is not too big. Showing the contrast between the rug, floor, and walls gives separation to the room.

Natural light always gives a sense of open space. Make sure that your window blinds are not too thick that they reduce the amount of light that comes into your room. In some cases, it's best to with shorter sheer blinds or remove them altogether. 


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