Current Trends in Hardwood Flooring


There’s no doubt about it, hardwood floors are here to stay!

Although introduced in the late 1800’s, it took some time for hardwood floors to catch on in popularity as they were difficult to install and care for. However, in the mid 1980’s wood flooring manufacturers introduced floors that were prefinished, easier to install and came in more stains and finishes than ever before.

Once people heard that hardwood floors were better than ever, they caught on as a more attractive and easier to care for alternative to carpeting. Since then, hardwood floors have become more than a trend, but a must have for many. However, there are still trends in the hardwood flooring industry that may come and go over time. Here are some of the current trends that we are seeing now in interior home décor.

Dark, Cool Tones:

The trend to go darker when choosing tones for hardwood floors has been on the rise for some time now. The fact that this flooring tends to show dust and damage more so than lighter colors make them harder to maintain, but many say the extra care is worth the look. Customers that are opting for this look are also moving away from warmer tones like reds and yellows in favor browns, which are cooler and purer in tone.

current trends in hardwood.jpg


Though many of us automatically think of brown when we think of hardwood flooring, gray is a great way to change things up, giving your home an elegant and unique look. Grays can be seen in vinyl planks that look like wood or can make for a sophisticated marbleized look in tiled flooring. Some incorporate white washes into the gray tones although this can be harder and more expensive to achieve with real hardwood.

Light Natural Looks:

While some are going darker, others are going lighter. Also veering away from yellows, tones here are cooler and more natural looking. Those that opt for this lighter look may go for something high grade and environmentally friendly like water borne polyurethane.

Wire Brushed and Textured Floors:

Wire brushed floors are etched with a subtle texture that works to enhance the graining of the wood. It gives the wood more of a distressed, vintage look which is stylish and easy to maintain as dust and light damage can be masked with little effort.

Trends in hardwood floors can come and go, but don’t feel like you have to rip out your hardwood floor if it’s not exactly what’s trending now. Though updates like refinishing and even changing your floor’s color can be easy to achieve, a hardwood floor will always look great and give your home’s interior a fresh and modern look that will withstand the test of time.