Arte Mundi: Introduction

First established in 1997, Arte Mundi, specializes in the manufacturing of engineered hardwood floors. Arte Mundi's products have since been widely distributed throughout greater Asia, and Europe. Our brand name, "Arte Mundi," is Latin for "World of Art", which appropriates our primary mission in creating aesthetically innovative flooring. Here at Arte Mundi, we believe that hardwood flooring is so much more than just floor covering, but that it embodies an overall ambience, a statement of art, and most importantly, a lifestyle.

Beauty surrounds our Life. From artistic masterpieces to colors in antique furniture, from textures in oil paintings to even the reflection in water, our design team seeks to capture inspiration from every aspect of life. Over 20 years of relentless pursuit of creativity has earned Arte Mundi recognition from both the flooring industry and its consumers for its unique aesthetic flooring. Arte Mundi has the trust and confidence of the world-renowned crystal producer, Swarovski, to be the only authorized wood floor manufacturer permitted to incorporate its crystal elements in our flooring product lines.

Arte Mundi floors are the product of the perfect blend of visionary inspiration and excellent engineering. Armed with that notion, our product development team starts each new product line by tirelessly searching for the most aesthetically pleasing and highest grade woods to be used in the outermost layer. This is supported by top quality, multiple layered plywood that is used as the engineered wood base structure in order to achieve the most naturally aesthetic surface impressions. We turn to 100% hand scraping as a basic essential among many other proprietary techniques used to create our exceptional surface textures. Our product lines embody the most natural elements without chemicals, resulting in a process that is completely organic. All Arte Mundi wood floor components are environmentally and responsibly sourced. We are FSC and FloorScore certified. From our adhesives, to stains and coatings. The next step in our meticulous production is rigorous testing for durable structural integrity to withstand the utmost wear and tear. Ultimately, each piece is strategically examined since quality control is of integral importance to us as we strive to provide our consumers with consistent excellence.

Arte Mundi Global Headquarters.

Arte Mundi Global Headquarters.

Our newly built Arte Mundi design headquarters and manufacturing facility spans over 108 acres. It serves not only as an international business center but also as an incubator for future artists, engineers, and designers. To continuously inspire and educate, we invite guest speakers to broaden the mindsets and expand the skill sets of our work force. We're proud to say our state of the art manufacturing facility utilizes tri-level vertical integration. It is fully integrated for pre-production, production, and storage in an effort to provide maximum efficiency. To highlight one of our many special production features, we use a completely linear conveyor belt to improve precision in production and to impart consistent higher yields.

Competition is fierce and import of wood flooring is saturated in the North American market, but we believe that Arte Mundi flooring is ready for America. We have full confidence that our aesthetic flooring will find its niche in this competitive market and gain momentum thanks to our quality product and top notch original and exclusive designs. Under the lead of our exceptional CEO, John Lee, who has 40 years of experience in wholesale distribution and has headed multiple successful product launches, we look to flourish and thrive.

Arte Mundi is now the fastest growing hardwood manufacturer in Asia. Despite the current status of the market, our products are consistently considered by the market as exclusive higher end goods, putting us in direct competition with renowned import brands internationally. We continuously strive to produce distinctive flooring in hopes that our mission to expand flooring as an ambiance rather than just a surface will be more than just a growing trend but an everlasting lifestyle.

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