8 Tips for Decorating Engineered Hardwood Floors 


So you’ve finally made the move to get some great engineered hardwood flooring in your home and you know that this is a great choice for an overall long-term home investment. Now it’s time to make your choices regarding your interior design. Engineered hardwood flooring goes with just about anything so, while you have a variety of options, deciding on the right direction to go in can be difficult. Here are some of our best suggestions for achieving an aesthetic that you will love to immerse yourself in.

Soften it Up

Darker woods can give your rooms a hard and heavy look. You can soften it up with quilt prints, furry area rugs and airy textiles. Glass lamps and metallic light fixtures will also make rooms look cozy. 

Add a Splash of Color

Woods are neutral in nature which makes them the perfect base for practically any color scheme. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid to bring bright and/or bold colors into your room. This can also be a great way to distract from any damage that may have occurred on your flooring. Whether you add a splash of color to the walls or simply put up colorful artwork, you can be assured that the color(s) will add a kick of personality to your space.

Area Rugs For the Area

Area rugs are not only a great way to protect flooring, it can work to separate living spaces to make comfy areas in your rooms. Furthermore, rugs can also soften and/or brighten up the look in your home as well as work well to complement your furniture pieces and artwork.

Let There Be Light

Dark hardwood floors can darken a room. Counter this effect by adding lighter paints and pieces of furniture that will attract and bring in the natural light.

Get with the Modern

Wood floors give a great rustic look, but they can also work well when mixed with modern designs. Try adding industrial elements, sleek metal furnishings and clean lines to make for an updated look.

Mix with Other Woods

Have a dark tint on the floor? That doesn’t mean you can’t mix it with woods that feature a wide variety of tones. Mix rough with rustic and experiment with stains, strains and grains until you find a unique look that works for you.

Go Neutral

There is an emphasis on embracing nature in interior design which can include bringing actual plants into room design or utilizing earthy tones to spruce things up. Wood floors make the perfect complement for browns and dark greens that can be used in textiles as well as other exposed wood surfaces.

Engineered wood is becoming a more popular choice in hardwood flooring due to its easy installation, durability and moisture resistance. That, along with the fact that there are so many options when it comes to colors, grains and finishes make them a fun base that can take your decorating to the next level. How will you be decorating your home after your engineered floors have been installed? 

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