4 Reasons Why Smooth Hardwood Floors are Coming Back


When we think of smooth flooring, most of us are likely to think of all hardwood floors. However, when it comes to getting that really smooth texture, not all floors are created equal. Many often debate on whether they should go with a more textured hardwood floor versus a completely smooth hardwood floor. Below are some compelling reasons why going smooth is the right choice for you.


With smooth flooring, floor boards are sanded flat and then finished at the factory. Floors with exceptionally smooth surfaces will enhance the elegance of a room, especially when they feature darker textures. Because floors are so smooth, dents and scratches tend to show up more on these surfaces as compared to textured hardwood, but their aesthetic appeal still makes them a favorite for many.

Our smooth hardwood floors have no surface textured effects, often times just a slight micro-bevel on the edges so they align together more effectively.

smooth hardwood floor bauhaus.jpg


With today’s trends, we’re moving away from a highly glossy wood flooring and into a more matte finish. All our smooth Bauhaus floors are matte instead of the glossy finish you typically see with other floors. This low sheen adds to the refinement of the wood and fits perfectly with contemporary trends.


The versatility of smooth hardwood floors is unquestionable. Smooth floors go well with contemporary, modern, tuscan, country, industrial, you get the idea.


To go off of it’s versatility mentioned above, a key reason for it is because of the timeless factor. 100 years before today and 100 years from now, we are certain that smooth hardwood floors will remain in style. Smooth hardwood floors are simply classic.

While there are many varieties of beautiful textured hardwood floors, smooth flooring still remains the one preferred by most and is currently gaining popularity in flooring trends. If you are looking for smooth flooring for your home, check out the Bauhaus Collection by Arte Mundi. This collection features beautifully refined, modern day, premium flooring crafted from the finest, most durable materials. Perfect for city living and contemporary motifs. Browse our wide variety of color selections to see which will best suit your décor.

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