4 Decorating Mistakes and How to Correct Them


Are you feeling a little underwhelmed with some of the décor in your home? The most common decorating mistakes can often be corrected with just a few simple tricks. Whether your paint color just isn’t working for you or you invested in the wrong piece of furniture, these easy tricks will help you take your décor from boring to beautiful!


1. You Painted the Walls Too Dark

Although paint colors like midnight black, gunmetal gray, and indigo can give your room the drama and elegance you crave, they can also make your room feel a little closed in. To counteract the cave-like feeling brought on by these trendy colors, it is essential to have good lighting in the room. You should have several light sources, so you can control the direction and ambiance of the light and use a combination of downlights and up lights. It’s also best to keep the furnishings simple so that the room doesn’t feel cluttered or crowded. To liven up the room even further, choose accents in bright colors like aqua, mint, teal, mustard, or dusky pink.


2. Your White Sofa is Pretty, But It’s Not Very Practical

If you somehow forgot that you have a couple of kids, a dog, and a cat living in your home when you purchased your white (or other light colored) sofa, there are some easy steps you can take to protect it. Start by having it professionally cleaned and stain-proofed. Although no treatment is going to prevent every stain, modern technology offers formulas that actually penetrate into the fibers so that most liquids and other residues can be removed. Sofa throws are another solution, and they’re trendy right now. Drape them casually over the sofa to protect it from the worst of the grime and spills. Slipcovers offer the most effective solution, and you can just take them off and throw them in the washer as needed.


3. Your Family Room Looks Great, But It Doesn’t Feel Welcoming

Of course, you want your family room to be stylish, but you don’t want it to feel stiff and unwelcoming. Sometimes, just moving the furniture around can solve the problem. Try arranging seating areas in ways that encourage conversation instead of just pushing furniture back against the walls.


4. Your White Kitchen Is Beautiful, But It Lacks Warmth

There’s no doubt that white kitchens are beautiful, but as the heart of your home, you also want your kitchen to be warm and inviting. An all-white kitchen can seem a little clinical, so the best thing to do is add a little color. Display some pretty kitchenware or add brightly colored appliances to bring some cheer to the room. Look at your white kitchen like it’s a blank canvas. Accessorize it with pretty flowers or add a colorful backsplash to make it feel more homey.

With a little creativity, most decorating mistakes can be corrected by just adding or taking away a few things until you get the look you’re going for. Just remember to stick with what you love and have fun with it!