Style Choices in Engineered Wood


Engineered hardwood is a trend in interior design that is fast surpassing traditional hardwood. It is known for being easier to install and less prone to water damage; and with the increasing amount of styles being made available, it’s no wonder that it is rising to number one when it comes to flooring trends in your home. If you are looking for luxury wood flooring that is the perfect complement to your décor, you may be surprised to find out how many options engineered wood provides. Here are just a few that you can choose from.

Traditional Elegance

Wide planked pine with a hand scraped surface can give any home a charming country appeal. Try a linseed oil finish to highlight the knots and wormholes and make this look even more appealing.

Modern Finish

If you want to give your rooms a slick, modern look, you really can’t go wrong with a red oak with a dark stain and top matte coat. These can be applied in the factory to give your flooring a cutting edge appeal.


This chevron-like pattern is a vintage trend currently in resurgence that can be perfect when featured in engineered wood to give your home an Art-Deco look. 

Varying Widths

These can be perfect for giving your home an imperfectly perfect look that adds a sense of the handmade to your engineered wood. Varying widths can be found in the same box or you can mix and match by buying different sizes in the same finish and wood species.


Distressed looking flooring is perfect for giving décor a shabby chic or industrial look. It is also great for making any damage that does occur after installation less noticeable. A traditional distressed look is created when mechanical drums fitted with chains, nuts and wires roll over the board to crush the wood grain and give it a time worn feel. Some makers will even add rectangular ‘Dutchman’ patches to give it the look of an old floor that has been repaired. Other methods are also used for giving floors various distressed looks. Rotating steel whiskers are used to remove the softer wood from the surface and highlight the pores in the grain to give it a wire brushed look. A hand scraped look is achieved when workers use planes to shave random ripples into smooth planks to give it the appearance of a hand-tooled, pre-colonial floor. 


A unique look for any space, decorative inlays can be added to highlight your room’s perimeters. Incorporate floral patterns and abstract designs to give your room the style you are looking for.

Hardwood Tiles

Great for a kitchen, tiles offer a modern twist on traditional parquet. Mix colors and species for a vintage checkerboard effect.

Engineered wood is a convenient, long lasting and stylish choice for any type of décor and it’s nice to know that there are quite a variety of different styles to choose from. Also remember that we here at Arte Mundi provide some of the best options for high end wood flooring. Which kind will you be installing to get your rooms looking their best? 

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