Arte Mundi at The International Surface Event


Our team just returned from The International Surface Event held in Las Vegas and we were ecstatic to be a part of a word-class community of industry leaders. It was a mega event comprised of three world class trade shows, all under one roof. No where in the industry can you find this combined level of products, services, education and demos for the floor covering, stone, and tile industries, like you can at TISE.  


A networking opportunity like this is great because it's really the first time we've presented our product to the 800+ businesses present at the trade show.  Our goal is to become one of the best known brands in the industry so networking has become a priority for us because it enables us to showcase our product in person. We planned our trade show debut by setting a strategy 12 months prior.  Our objective was so increase brand awareness and make a fresh impact in the flooring & surface market by showcasing the uniqueness of our products.  With our flooring, there is no "buy-in" strategy – we simply do our best to make the highest quality flooring in both look and feel.  

Trade show events can be hectic and overwhelming, especially in a crowded city like Las Vegas.  The overall value is within the hyper-targeting capabilities and large demand of high quality vendors.  We're proud of the ground we were able to cover in our first trade show appearance, and we're excited that we were able to connect with some of the industry's top brands and vendors.  Keep an eye out for us at the next International Surface Event!

-Arte Mundi

Creative Squeeze