Best Engineered Wood Flooring Brands

If you are looking to get hardwood flooring in your home, engineered wood is a fantastic choice. It has multiple installation options, holds up well to temperature changes and moisture, works well with radiant heating and NEVER goes out of style! However, not all engineered wood flooring manufacturers are created equal and finding the right flooring that works best for you starts with finding a brand you can fully trust. Given this, here are some of the best engineered wood flooring brands that we highly recommend for the quality flooring and services that they provide.

Tesoro Woods

Today’s world of interior design is all about eco-friendly options. Tesoro offers engineered wood flooring that is FSC certified with zero VOC products so they are guaranteed to be healthy for the environment. They use recycled wood from old building timber and industrial waste to construct high quality boards. And Tesoro’s commitment to the environment doesn’t mean they skimp on style. They carry a wide variety of colors and tones that are sure to look great in your rooms. However, their prices are a bit higher than most brands at $6-8 per square foot on average. 


Arte Mundi

If you are all about luxury when it comes to your engineered wood flooring manufacturers, Arte Mundi is the brand for you. They are known for providing high quality, aesthetically innovative flooring. They use hand-scraping and other proprietary techniques to create unique surface textures. Like Tesoro, Arte Mundi also keeps an eye out for the environment as all floor components are environmentally and responsibly sourced as well as FSC and FloorScore certified. Their eco-friendly approach along with their flooring’s aesthetic appeal and exceptional quality is what sets them apart from others. 

From the Forest

Specializing in American made engineered hardwood, this Wisconsin based manufacturer offers flooring lines for both budget conscious and luxury shoppers. Their higher end collections feature 9 ply birch core and are sold in 15 pre-finished styles for close to $8 per square foot. The brand is known for their informative web site which provides detailed information on how to find the best engineered wood flooring. They also offer samples and discounts by mail. 

Via Regal Hardwoods

Via Regal Hardwoods

Regal Hardwoods

Regal is known for providing hand scraped engineered flooring at affordable prices. They carry eight lines of flooring all of which feature engineered solid birch cores. The company’s collections include the American Backroads which are weathered planks in floating and nail-down varieties. The Walla Walla Valley Line includes modern, artistic boards with high sheen finishes. Both collections are high quality and are backed with construction warranties. 

If you are looking to install hardwood flooring in your home, engineered wood is a great option. And with several quality brands out there, finding the best engineered wood flooring should not be too difficult. Think about your needs and what you are looking for in your hardwood flooring to make a choice that is right for you and your space.