Best Engineered Wood Flooring For High Traffic Areas

In general, engineered wood floors are great for high traffic areas. They extremely durable, long lasting and can hold up well to constant pressure and heavy footsteps without budging. Entry ways tend to be high traffic where engineered wood flooring is perfect for these areas of the house since it holds up to temperature fluctuations that can occur as doors open and close. Engineered wood also does not expand and contract like other types of woods do. since it gives off the look of real wood. This therefore makes it an extremely attractive option for any entry way. When considering the best engineered wood flooring for high traffic areas, there are several things to think about. These include the following:

Bahaus Collection: Maple

Bahaus Collection: Maple

Noveau Collection: Hickory

Noveau Collection: Hickory


When thinking of the type of wood that is best for your high traffic area, maple and hickory are highly recommended. Hickory is resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations and holds up well to foot traffic. Maple is also quite durable and is just as durable in high traffic areas. These choices are superior to oak which has a medium ranking for hardness and is good for average wear and tear. American walnut, on the other hand, is relatively soft and is best for bedrooms and lower traffic areas. 


Engineered flooring can feature several surface effects which range from smooth to hand-scraped to distressed. Flooring that has a more distressed look will not show any damage that is likely to occur in a high traffic area. That’s why its best to stick with these effects and veer away from flooring that is smooth in appearance. 


The thickness of engineered wood flooring can vary. Some have only a few layers while others have seven or more. Higher quality flooring will have more layers and be about 3/4” deep in thickness. These will hold up better in your high traffic areas. 


When thinking of the core layer of your flooring, your choices include plywood and HDF. Plywood is the most common type of core layer and it offers great support and durability and works well for most flooring needs. HDF, on the other hand, is one of the most durable and stable core options available. It is made of alternating layers of plywood. So, while engineered flooring with a plywood core may hold up just fine, go with HDF if you really want to feel confident your flooring will hold up to high traffic. 


Engineered flooring is a great option for your high traffic areas. To make sure yours will withstand the test of time, consider the type of flooring you’ll be using as well as its thickness, surface effects and the materials that make up the core layer. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying hardwood flooring that will hold up well as the years go by. And always remember that Arte Mundi is your destination for the best hardwood floor brand to work with!