Manufacturing Coming Soon to California.

We are officially announcing the expansion of our company’s engineered wood flooring to California. Read more about this huge announcement.


Elegant, sophisticated, luxurious, and modern flooring.

Nothing raises the elegance, or increases the property value of your home like wood look flooring. Whether purchasing a new home, upgrading, or simply remodeling, you need the right partner to help you create, conceptualize, design, and realize your engineered hardwood flooring dreams to fruition.

At Arte Mundi, we take pride in our products, value our clients, customers, and are pleased to share our expertise to help you with all your flooring needs. Look inside to experience a sample of Arte Mundi. Feel free to contact us for flooring insight, samples, or to ask our experts questions about our luxury flooring.

Arte Mundi is the ideal flooring destination for luxurious living, classic and traditional sophistication, and modern sensibility that speaks to the beauty, and art of premium flooring. 


View our luxury flooring collections.

View Arte Mundi’s most recent flooring collections below. You'll also find links to corresponding pages that include flooring samples.


Bauhaus Collection

Our contemporary take on flooring is crafted from the finest, most durable materials perfect for city living.  If you’re remodeling, planning a new floor plan, or upgrading from carpet to flooring, the Bauhaus Collection captures beautifully refined, modern-day enhancements in contemporary flooring that will transform your living space into modern-day luxury.   Explore the Bauhaus Collection below to view our modern-day, natural hardwood flooring with colors spanning from grey to rich walnut.  Sophisticated in nature, the collection offers several options for modern day flooring, and contemporary motifs.


Nouveau Collection

The Nouveau Collection is designed to revive any room in need of a traditional makeover.  Inspired by 18th Century Greek and Roman décor, the Nouveau Collection is lush with antique artistry pronounced by the  hand scraped surface. The chiseled edges and smooth finish offers bold character, and style, perfect for living rooms, patio areas, kitchens, and family rooms.  The Nouveau Collection exudes class, grace, elegance, warmth, and longevity of your home.  Whether you live in a large urban estate or a luxurious loft, this collection will accentuate the symmetrical structures and elaborate decor of any room.


Renaissance Collection

The Renaissance Collection is built with the guarantee of durability, and  timeless aesthetic.  From source woods to the finest floor finish, this uncompromising collection displays a remarkable rustic appeal, and superior quality.  The classic birch, and high-quality white oak creates a tranquil, country-like atmosphere, with hard wood flooring conducive to rural living, and is often utilized to highlight the magnitude of grand entrances, foyers, and rooms with large horizontal and vertical spaces.  So, whether accenting your loft, or ranch styled home, the Renaissance Collection provides the ambiance of comfort, and the extravagance of luxury, hard wood flooring.